Nov 2, 2023

The Annual Condominium Conference, The “Oscars” of the Condominium Industry


Attending the annual Condominium conference is essential for Condominium Industry professionals. It is a major event where trades, Condominium Managers, and Directors come together to learn and share knowledge. The conference covers various topics such as updates on legislation and laws, building codes, processes, and real legal cases. Whether you want to know the reasons behind the shortage of Condominium Managers, grow your network or check out the latest security technology, the conference offers valuable insights.


The event is highly encouraged for Condominium Managers and Directors as it helps them provide a higher level of support to their communities.

The Province of Ontario requires Managers to achieve mandatory educational points to renew their licenses.

The Condominium Conference will take place from November 17th to November 18th, 2023, at the Toronto Congress Centre North Building. For More Information please click here

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