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Below is a collection of useful articles, forms and tips to help you navigate the complex world of condominium living.

Documents are organized into three categories: for owners, for tenants, and for board members. Each section contains information specific to your needs, to make your life easier. Start your search by selecting the appropriate heading or typing your query into the search bar above.

Rules, Regulations & Renovations

If you have never lived in a Condominium before, the Declaration, By-laws, Rules & Regulations can take some getting used to. Specifically, the legalese language can make them a little challenging to read. At GPM we always encourage Owners to feel safe to clarify with their Condominium Manager.

Reserve Fund & the Reserve Fund Study explained

Download   One of a Condo Board’s most significant responsibilities is to oversee the current and projected financial health of the Condominium Corporation. They often do this in partnership with a Condominium Manager and Condominium Management Company. This is...

Privacy & Record Retention

Privacy is on everyone’s minds these days, and your Condominium Manager, Management Company and Board of Directors must do everything reasonably possible to protect the privacy of the Owners and Residents.

Community Living

Condominium Community living is not without its unique challenges. With neighbours in such close proximity, there are going to be times when your peaceful enjoyment is, unfortunately, disrupted. To some degree a little tolerance is required in this environment, but when it gets beyond the point you can accept, you should reach out to your Condominium Manager for assistance. • In some cases, your neighbours might not even realize that what they are doing in their unit is negatively affecting others in their unit. A friendly reminder from the Manager can often clear up the problem.

CMRAO: Licensing Requirement & Stages

The CMRAO stands for Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario. The CMRAO is a regulatory body created through provincial legislation. The CMRAO is a not-for-profit Corporation and is paid for by the licensing fees collected from Condominium Management providers, and Condominium Managers.

Board of Directors: How to Conduct an Effective Board Meeting

Goal # 1: At the beginning of the year it’s a good idea to set and agree upon a guideline for when the meetings will happen each month. This allows each Director to plan accordingly. Example: The last Wednesday of each month.
Goal # 2: If a Director cannot attend, they should always notify the Manager or a fellow Director of their regrets prior to the meeting.

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