Nov 2, 2023

How Relevant is maintenance to your Condominium?

We see articles in magazines that reflect all the Do’s and Don’ts for maintenance. 

Firsthand experience says that good solid maintenance is the key to longevity of equipment. A quick look at our calendars.  Some Corporations will have more or less but all in all it’s very similar.

Winter Spring Summer or Fall….as said by singer / songwriter….. Carole King!

Here is the Fall Schedule:

Board Members, your Condominium Manager will be busy at this time of year preparing the building or complex for the up-coming winter months.  This year, our summer went on well into the fall months, and temperatures stayed warm, delaying our fall maintenance.  But it’s here now, and we need to get started with staff.

The tennis nets need to be removed and stored for winter, extra cleaning of the outdoor BBQ’s before the winter covers are secured for winter, remove deck furniture’s, umbrellas, planters and secure, make sure your irrigation systems are blown out and closed down, also ensuring all exterior water lines are shut off, arrange for your garages to be cleaned/swept, bring out the winter matting, prepare the area and secure it.

During winter, it’s essential to check winter bins and locations, inspect any snow on the property, and ensure that the generator is working correctly. You should also make sure spring landscaping contracts are in place, prepare any interior maintenance on the pool and equipment (including replacement of supplementary cooling systems and grouting), and obtain quotes for spring work like window washing, garage washing, exterior caulking

In spring, you’ll need to remove holiday lighting quickly, wash walk-off winter matting as you put it away, and bring out summer seating and umbrellas. You should also ensure that swimming pool contracts are in place for exterior pools.

During summer, you’ll need to maintain the exterior pool, landscaping, and irrigation systems. You should also address road work and interlock repairs.

Those are some items your Condominium Manager will be working on!


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