Sep 10, 2023

Director’s Desk: Compulsory Board of Directors Training

Directors are required to complete the Condominium Authority of Ontario’s (CAO) mandatory training within 6 months of being elected, appointed, or re-elected to a Board. The exception is, if they have completed the training within the preceding 7 years.

The CAO provides foundational mandatory training online at no cost for directors, and to anyone else who’s interested. The training comprises of 21 e-modules that can be completed in a 3 to 6 hours time period, at the convenience of your own pace and in your own space! 

The modules are intuitively structured to be user-friendly and embedded with practical knowledge checks. For the Foundational Mandatory Training, please click here

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The CAO has an advanced director training guide that serves to deepen participants’ knowledge of issues affecting the Condominium Community. This guide supports and helps Condominium Directors in identifying, understanding, resolving, and tracking on-going common Condominium issues. It outlines managements principles, shares tips for implementing best practices, specifies key roles and responsibilities, and emphasizes effective documentation. 

For the CAO advanced Director training guide, please click here.

The Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) offers a detailed guide for the Board of Directors’ on; Tips, Tools, and Techniques. 

For the CCI guide, please click here.

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