Below is a collection of useful, blogs, and tips to help you navigate the complex world of condominium living.

Deferred Maintenance: A Neglected Necessity”

What exactly is ‘deferred maintenance’? We all hear this term in the Condominium industry, but do you know what it means? Deferred maintenance is the postponement of building, grounds, infrastructure, and equipment maintenance. Deferred maintenance typically will happen when there is a lack of funds or when Boards must prioritize funds for other more urgent projects.

Director’s Desk: Compulsory Board of Directors Training

Directors are required to complete the Condominium Authority of Ontario’s (CAO) mandatory training within 6 months of being elected, appointed, or re-elected to a Board. The exception is, if they have completed the training within the preceding 7 years.

Human Rights and harassment policies to Protect Staff, Board Members, and Owners

Living in a Condominium Community means you may interact with other unit owners, occupants and or perhaps, professionals hired by the Corporation.

Harassment can be unwelcoming, threatening or discriminatory interaction with others such as stated above.  This could apply to: Board Member, Staff or Employees of the Corporation. I

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

It’s that time of year again… holiday season! And, most of us know the routine. The stores take down
their Halloween displays and promptly put up their “Christmas” displays.

Minutes – Why we need them? Who should be taking them?

Engaging a professional minute taker (a third party) can significantly streamline the board’s workflow, leaving members free to concentrate on their primary roles.

Starting Off the New Year Right

ranslate it into positive action. Condominium communities can certainly take some steps to ring in the New Year on the right note! The following are some suggestions, that we at GPM Property Management, hope you find helpful.

The Responsibility of Keeping Residents Safe during a Pandemic

This is a tough time to be a Director for a Condominium Board or in Condominium Management. Okay,
to be fair, this is a tough time to be in almost any industry, but today we’ll review specifically the topic of
Condominiums and proof of vaccination for use of common amenity spaces.

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